Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I volunteered to fill in for someone who had surgery, so this week, I am working seven days in a row.  Keep in mind that I usually only work four days a month - only to keep up some experience.  This week - the week my husband had to fly to a meeting.  I'm wiped.

My second son will see the doctor in two days to see how the bone is doing.  He hates his cast and the horrible itching it is causing.  He also managed to slam the metal door on his right ankle and cut it pretty impressively right on the tendon on the back of the heel.  Then today, he pulled off a quarter sized piece of skin on his right hand.  I guess we still have a healthy left foot!!!  (Monty Python music playing in the background with the slow singing of "Always look on the bright side of life....")

My first son got his dressing and stitches removed.  The good news is that about 80% of the rip healed well.  The bad news is that there is a section about one inch square (well, not square!) that died.  The doctor decided to leave it open to air and let it finish dying and fall off.  Then the wound should heal from underneath.  It looks ugly, but will likely heal if we keep it clean.  I do cover it when we go out - for protection - his and other people's!

But here is what it looks like now:

Did I mention I was tired?  Besides working for seven days in a row, I am juggling doctor's appointments.

Lilly is such a help and it is a blessing to have her.  My kids, with their incurable curiosity, are helping us to share as we walk in the way.  The bombard me with questions on any day, and her presence hasn't stopped them.  Questions such as:  How did Satan get to be Satan?  Did he take one third or one fourth of the angels with him?  How can God be three and not three?  (Great question by the way - allowed me to firmly refute that we believe in three gods.)  Why are Catholics different than us?  (another great question!)

Lilly was very surprised to hear that we do not believe the same things as the Catholics.  She was even more surprised to hear that in history and still in some areas of the world that Catholics persecute and have killed Christians.  This was a great opportunity to build on the point that Christianity is really about the heart - a real relationship with God.  Not being told what to do.  We talked about how Catholics would force people to become Catholic, but that no one can force anyone to be a Christian.  Her mind began to churn at that one because she had always heard that Christians are the ones behind the Crusades, and to hear that those who believe in God and follow Him would not do that, could not do that, and suffered also at the hands of "the Church" was something she pondered over for two days.

Did I mention my husband was gone?  I miss him.

And I am sad.  A lingering sadness.  It is a long story involving a very special gift that went all too wrong too quickly.  A gift that should have conveyed love, but instead conveyed apathy.  It hurt, and there is a lingering sadness from that.  Tears often come now when I am alone, tears and an aching knowledge that I am very alone in some grief.  But I will write about this another time - after some sleep!

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Becky Aguirre said...

Hey, that's looking a LOT better...probably a good thing to still cover it, though, lol. So neat that you continue to have such good input with Lilly, ptl! You are giving her a lot to think about. :) Hope you get some rest and are able to work through the grief...