Friday, November 6, 2009

When God Steps In

We know He does, but then there are days that He does all at once and wows us.

It is not all over, not all fixed, but it is amazing what happened in one day.

We met for breakfast solemn and worried. We ate, we talked, and we prayed. I phoned to school principal to inform her that the kids were being withdrawn from the school. I was absolutely shocked by the animosity in her voice even though I was being very polite. She tried to tell me that according to the law, the kids must remain in her school while they lived there.

Now, I serve on a ed committee in a school here, so I was tempted to set her facts straight, but I resisted. There are four other legal options open to us I could have told her about. I am not ignorant and you can not bully me into silence and cooperation.

But I didn't. I sweetly informed her that the family will be relocating and we will inform her where to send the records as soon as they are re-enrolled in a school.

Then I accompanied the father to retrieve the kid's belongings. The principal called the teachers who walked in, plunked the items down without a word, and walked out. The principal herself could barely manage to shake my hand before she turned around and stormed out.


But we did not know what to do. We had no extra funds, were in a one year lease, and had no place to move them to. The view out of their window was this school. We could not keep the kids there.

So a friend walked in with news of an ideal, ideal housing solution - for less money. As soon as she said that, my husband phoned with news that our school was going to reduce the tuition to a level this family could afford. We three sat on the floor and cried. And prayed.

Then we got up, went to see the house, and wrote requesting given the circumstances that they be released from their one year contract. So far, all is falling in place. We do need to pray that a new renter is found for the old place so they do not face a penalty. Then it is the transition, and praying for the funding to be raised for these kids new school.

But on Monday, they will start in a school where the day will begin with prayer and where issues will be addressed in a Christ-like manner. The kids are visibly more relaxed, and my kids are delighted to help them settle in Monday morning.

Wow. God worked fast. I'm still worn out from it all!

Today, I had a meeting with the school board to lodge a formal complaint. I must say I was impressed with the way the board reacted and am fairly confident that there will be action taken. But even with the action, we can not keep the kids in that school.

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Angela said...

That's wonderful news! It's amazing to watch God work. Thanks for sharing.