Monday, November 9, 2009

The First Day

I wish I could post photos. Really wish I could, since this little kindergartner is the cutest thing going! But no photos.

Today we took them for their first day of school. Yeah, and since the staff had been away at a conference, they had little to no forwarning. But they managed. The kids settled in quite well and seem to enjoy their classes. The parents visibly relaxed as they watched the kids and the families come in the school, greet each other by name, and hang out to talk. To watch other adults address kids by their name and the kids know the adults and respond to them.

They relaxed. And said, "finally, we feel stable again." It's been a rough entry to this country for them, and now they are at peace.

Tomorrow, we move them to new housing which will be much better. Where they are, the other renters had been angry at the noise of footsteps (what do you expect with no insulation between floors!!) and would come up to yell and swear at the wife when her husband was not there.

It's time for a new home.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing story! God is good! I also need to negotiate for an apartment tomorrow and would appreciate prayer for favor, concerning how the necessary repairs will happen.