Saturday, November 14, 2009

Office Space

I'm sitting in my new office.  Ahh....

It's not new.  We built it in a corner of the house for my husband two years ago, but he's never used it.  He prefers to work at work, and when he is home, he stretches out on the couch with his laptop on his lap and his feet on the coffee table watching a game while working.

I used to work off the kitchen table in a space cluttered with homework assignments, tutoring materials, dumped stuff, odds and ends of kitchen things, and kid's mittens and toys.  It was hard to keep clean and hard to concentrate.

So I requisitioned the office space.  It was cluttered with various assundry items of a family who used it as a ""quick, guests are coming!  Throw it in the office!" space.  I dreaded cleaning it.  But yesterday, I attacked, and today won victory.

I'm sitting in MY office right now.  Neat rows of books in three shelves behind me.  Files with bills and papers beside me on other shelves.  Dusted off shelves and desk.  A nice light right over me on the slanted ceiling.   I like this space.  Space to think.  Space to work.  Space to lay out my papers and no one messes with them.

Now, just so you don't think too rosily... there is a neat box beside me and a small pile on the desk of "papers to file".  I hate paperwork and filing paperwork.  But it is neat, and in a neat space, I will file things faster because I can think.

My office is green.  A light green.  Not a yellowish green or a bright green, not a baby green, but a nice forest type of green, but light with white trim.  I like it.


Becky Aguirre said...

That sounds wonderful! Wish I had my own office space, but we've never had a house with that extra space...but someday... :)

Ellie said...

It is really nice. It was only a 5'x5' space we walled off under the stairs, but enough for a desk, chair and bookshelf. The bookshelf on the side was an ingenious invention we made. It opens into the living room. The bottom half is a full depth cupboard for storing games, toys, and dvds. The top half we cut in two - a halfdepth bookshelf opening into the living room and a half depth bookshelf opening into the office. Works well.

And I enjoy my tiny space all my own!

Karis said...

I have a desk in a corner of our bedroom. It's not my ideal way to decorate, but then again -- there's is nothing wonderfully decorated about our house here. :-) So it fits right in.

I am so glad to give that space to a desk for me because it does help me to feel more organized in my mind so I can settle down and get to work. When I let it get cluttered, that's the first thing that has to be done -- un-cluttering. :-)

So glad you have your little space.