Thursday, September 18, 2008

Argh! I Hate Disappointment!

It is not that it is such a big disappointment, not really. It is just that it is disappointing. I had been looking forward to something for a few days, hoping to get a chance to do it. A chance to spend time with a friend. It wasn't even guaranteed, just a possibility. But as the possibility grew closer and closer, I think I pinned more of my hopes on it.

It didn't work out. And the chance to do this again won't come for several weeks, more than a month. So I am disappointed.

I should know better. It was just a chance, and it didn't work out.

But I am feeling down today. Sad. And irritated at myself for being so disappointed - I could have just tried not to hope so much... but how do you realistically do that when it comes to something spending time with a good friend? I did go out for coffee with another friend today, and I am back into things here, building connections with people around me... but a good friend is still a special thing, and I miss that time I was hoping to have.

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