Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Givers and Takers

I'm tired today. Guests just left. We've had people in and out of our home for the last two months. I like people. I like guests, too. It is part of life being a missionary - having others stay, staying with others.

But today, I am tired. Five days by ourselves before the next guests arrive. I should be cleaning today, but I am just sitting. I'm tired.

There are some guests who come in and are "givers". No, not money, not acts of service, not things. They just give. They add to our lives, blessing us. Then there are "takers". They are the ones who are like a little hole in a bucket. The more they are around, the more drained you feel.

I've had both "givers" and "takers", but recently more "takers" than "givers".

I've been both myself, I think. At least, I'd like to think a few times that I was a "giver", too. It may depend on what we have just gone through, among other things.

As missionaries, we all are either being guests or having guests often. What is it for you that makes the difference between "givers" and "takers"? I find for me it isn't so much what people do as who they are.... but I guess I could think of things that make a difference, too. Tell me what you think.

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