Friday, January 22, 2010

Messes in the Ranks

We had an interesting discussion on the way home recently.  A person on our team had told us that we should not waste our time trying to witness to one person since he had seen that person in another place, and she wasn't as good as she pretends to be when she is with us.

Ok.  umm... I thought the point was that she is a sinner...  Am I surprised that she is doing something wrong?  No, not really.

As we work as leaders of team of awesome people, we also have a responsibility to help them grow as Christians.  Part of our job is helping them learn how to minister.  They also have a responsibility to us to help us when we need it, and they are good at that.  We depend on each other.  But this is one situation where we need to figure out how to help them see that Jesus came for sinners and we need to continue to reach out and not be shocked when the people we are reaching are - well, just that - sinners.  The sad truth is that we don't accept as well people who are messed up.  We'd prefer to have Bible studies with "good sinners".

It was a great discussion, and I was feeling pretty good about it.  I was thinking, "well, we are called to people with messes".  Then came that quiet voice into my consciousness...

What if those people with messes are not the ones you are ministering to who aren't perfect, but the one you are ministering with?

I was a little annoyed at that quiet voice just then.

I sat quietly for a few minutes.  Then I looked up and said, "Ok.  I'm listening.  I'm listening, but I won't lie.  I am not that excited to hear Your point of view right now."

Thankfully, God does not require me to be excited about what He wants to say before He says it.  We talked later the next day, but that is for another post.

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