Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Things They Do!

I went into the school the other day because #3 was late coming out.  I walked into his classroom, but he wasn't there.  His teacher said he was talking with the principal.  Why?  "Can you smell and guess why?" the teacher asked.  I smelled, but thought that perhaps they had burned popcorn in the microwave.  What was it?

Well, the teacher told me.  He had lit a match inside his desk making a small fire.  The teacher sent him to the principal, he told me, because he couldn't discipline him without laughing.

Later I asked him how he got matches.  "They were just in my pocket."  And why had he lit one? "They were just there."

Even later I learned that he had dissected the match into several fragments and then wondered if one of the little fragments would light.  It did.

Boys.  And especially boys with complications who just act on impulses without thinking.

Thankful for a school who understands this is just my child who doesn't think, and doesn't assume this is a child with destructive tendencies.  Thankful the fire only destroyed his broken pencil collection and not his text books.

And thankful for a sense of humor.  You need it with #3! 

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