Saturday, February 9, 2013

Still Here

Still here.  I'm doing better.  Still tired, but doing better.  I phoned a friend.  I went to bed early several nights in a row.

Now there is a plan with a date, and my husband is working on getting us there.  So I know he's not going to object about going, and there is some relief in that.

Right now the challenge for me will just be to stay calm and quiet and learn to trust in the middle of all this.  It's going on about me without any warning or control, and that is not a situation I am very comfortable in.  It's really hard for me to trust people after watching people mess up for so many years.  But I have to come back to hearing God's voice.  He told me way back to last fall, to wait, that He is going to do something, and that it will be something that I am not the one to initiate.  So now I have to trust Him there.  I don't know the people working on it, but I do know God.

Pray that I keep my eyes on Him and that I am quiet enough to hear Him.  And that I know when to phone for help when I need it.

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