Friday, November 4, 2011

That Wasn't Right

We visited with many people at these meetings.  It is still hard for me do walk around and greet people and smile and act friendly when I really struggle with their smiles.  "If you really care about us like you say you do, where were you?  Why were we left alone in crisis and alone in recovery?"  I also have a burning desire to see that this does not happen again.  Of course, this country was not responsible for us, so I wasn't so angry with them... just hurt and hoping they have something, anything in place so people are cared for.

But I walked and smiled through that first day.  At lunch, we ate with a small group, and after lunch all the men left and I was alone with one other woman.  We started to talk, and she listened.  I told her that I am struggling being here with people from my mission after what happened last year.  She ended up being one of the right people to talk to as she is involved in member care.  She said they are supposed to have stuff set up so this doesn't happen and so people don't get left alone in a crisis.  She was sad to see that it hadn't worked and said she would look into seeing what can be improved.

That was good.  All I needed was for someone to admit, "that wasn't right, let's do better."

Or at least, that was all I thought I needed.  God had some other plans.

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