Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Thought

Ok, I need to be packing up the van and driving out, but...

I read something in a book just now.  Something about that the root of lack of trust is a fear of vulnerability, and that they cure for it strangely enough is vulnerability.  That you learn that you can survive being hurt.

Which I thought was interesting.  We always think we have to wait until someone proves they are trustworthy.  Actually, we an choose trust, and risk being vulnerable because we can discover that hurt is survivable.  Then our trust is based in what we are, not in what someone else is.  We are able to be vulnerable, risk, and deal with some hurt.

Of course I am NOT talking about being vulnerable to people who have proven they are a danger.  But there is a vast difference between being a danger and just being people who can accidentally or clumsily hurt me often.

I was thinking just now that you don't learn running by watching running.  You don't learn trust by watching trust.  You learn running by running, and yes, it hurts at times. 

Anyway, back to packing... going home after a home leave where we were vulnerable and really enjoyed the connections and bonds that built with friends.


Angela said...

Love it! So true. And a good reminder because it's so easy to get caught up in self-protection.
Have a great trip!

OliveTree said...

Hope you had a a good trip back. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Ultimately I guess it's putting our trust in God that enables us to take the leap and trust others, even if they've clumsily hurt us.