Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jewels Wrapped in Scotch Tape

This morning, while cleaning the kid's desk, I found a piece of paper all folded up and scotch taped together.  The interesting thing was that it had our address on the outside.  I opened it up to find another piece of paper inside.

#3 had written a letter to Santa.  Why it was behind the desk, I do not know, but I remember him all excited by hearing you could write Santa and the post office in the US would deliver it.  This is the letter:

Dear, Santa

How are you feeling?  You represent Jesus giving gifts, though Jesus gave one big gift, That saves us.  How's Rudolf?  I would like a screwdriver set by the way  can you say Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!
sincerly #3            
It is cheerily decorated with a picture of Santa flying through the skies on the top and a manger scene on the bottom with a large face next to the manager scene and a speech bubble coming out saying, "Thank-you"  A large gift in the top right corner holds his return address.

This one is going in the scrapbook!  I don't think Santa would appreciate it as much as I do.... although I am tempted to send it next year anyway!  (Or a photocopy of it)

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