Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Is That In the Oven?!

My daughter was helping me cook our Thanksgiving dinner.  We only bought a turkey breast this year since we are only six and didn't need the expense of a whole turkey.  She was talking on the phone to her grandpa and asking me what we were going to cook so she could tell him.

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, casseroles, and turkey breast.

She carefully repeated to her grandpa, "We're going to cook, pumpkin pie, apple pie, casseroles, and Cherokee breast."


Then she began questioning me on the history of Thanksgiving and then the Revolutionary war.  I told her the Thanksgiving story - how it is a story of forgiveness and grace of a man who could easily have held a grudge and chosen not to help, but who forgave and helped.  We are familiar with the thought of people who have to leave their country because of their religious beliefs, so the story made sense to my daughter.

Then she began talking about the Revolutionary War for some reason.  She had read a book about the Redcoats fighting, and wanted to know who they were fighting, because the book said that the Redcoats were fighting the, "I think it said the pirates.... or maybe it was the parrots.... who were they fighting, Mom?"

The patriots, maybe?

After defining patriots for her, she stopped asking questions and is now buzzing around the kitchen singing "God Bless America."

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Cindy said...

happy thanksgiving!!