Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Do You DO?

Do you ever cringe when people ask you that question?  As a missionary mom?

What do we do?  I still believe my primary responsibility is to be a mom.  Of course, I do other things, too.

But people want a nice packaged answer.

I have one for my husband.  He has a defined job.  I can say, "He does......... "

But what do I do?  Well... I am tempted to say "I am a filler of holes."  That is what I do.  My daily tasks may be very different, but basically, I fill holes.  Where someone is missing, I fill in.  Where something lacks, I fill in.

If I sit down and list all the things I do, people's eyes widen and they say, "Wow, you are a busy woman!"  But I am not - well, not that much.  Not continually.  I just have a wide variety of very part time duties.

Today, for example...

I am a wife and a mom.  I got four kids and one husband off to work and school.

I am a cleaning lady.  I stopped at the school and helped clean out some shelves in the kitchen, and noticed the little oven desperately needed cleaning.  I guess the cleaning staff over look that... so I cleaned an oven.

I am a secretary.  I organized letters and filed away ones to respond to.  Desperately need to get a new prayer letter out.

I am a cook.  I planned supper and pulled out what I need to cook.  Trying to plan a menu and try some new foods recently.  (Of all the things I miss most about being "over there", it is having someone to do most of this job for me.  I am a good enough cook, but it is just not the job I love on a daily basis.)

I am a dictionary.  I answered two phone calls on how to spell words.... as the only native English speaker on our team, I get the job of being the resident dictionary, grammar textbook, and even at times, concordance....  I got woken up groggily after working a night shift once to be asked "When was Moses with seventy elders on  mountain?"  Huh?  Pop quiz time?

I do construction.  Our basement leak is finally fixed, so it was time to plaster the seams in the repaired wall.  I pulled out the tools and set to work.

I am a teacher.  I am about to head off to teach math.  I love teaching kids.

I am a demolition expert.  :)  Today, we need to head over to a friend's house to destroy some very old, huge piece of furniture that can not be moved out without being at least taken apart.

That is today.  Tomorrow, I may be something else.  Where there is a job with no one to do it, that is where I get put.  Like plaster - I am a filler of holes.  Which is just perfect for my slightly ADD personality.  I think God knew slapping me in one role would frustrate me.

How about you?  What do you do?


Cindy said...

I'm over here...raising my cup of coffee to Missionary Moms...and questions that don't have packaged answers. Cheers!

Shilo said...

Love it! :)