Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Did She Mean?

I just had a conversation with another friend.

This is one friend that I think I like. I am never quite sure.

I've been friends with her for several years. She has been in my life even before I had all my kids.

And yet, there are times that I really don't know. I come away from talking with her just a few times and think, "what did she really mean?"

It is unsettling. Maybe it is just because I am insecure. Maybe it is because we are from two different countries and we have slightly different ways of saying things. Maybe...

I just don't know.

I hate the uncertainty that comes in there, longing for stability in my instable world.

Then there is God. Thankfully, He speaks my language, whatever mix of languages and idiosyncrasies that really is. With Him, there is no worrying uncertainty.

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